Our Italian Holiday


We’ve been busy over the last month with Weddings and have just recently had our first week off in a long while. In fact, the morning after Matt& Mel’s wedding on Saturday the three of us were on a plane heading to Sorrento, Italy.

The following photos are a combination of camera, mobile, through bus/taxi windows and generally having to deal with the predictable hustle and bustle of a being in a very busy tourist area. Anyway, here are some of the photographs plus some comments.

For the those that don’t know Sorrento area, it sits on a high rocky coastline (photos were taken through the minibus window, but good enough to see what I mean). Sorrento is fanatic, and a good base for visiting Pompeii, Vesuvius, Naples, Amalfi Coast and Capri.

Sorrento and Surronding area Sorrento and Surronding area

Once in the centre of Sorrento, you’ll experience the narrow streets that you expect from those picture postcards and travel guides. In these narrow streets, there are plenty of shops, bars, cafes and restaurants. Good food and good service are not hard to come by, eating out was a great experience every time.

Image 5-12

Sorrento town - side streets Sorrento town - side streets Sorrento town - side streets Sorrento town - side streets Sorrento town - Main streets Sorrento town - Main streets and music Sorrento town - Main square Sorrento town - side streets

It is all too easy to miss the little details that help define something or typifies an area or region, the following you will spot during any visit.

Sorrento - hidden gems

Sorrento - hidden gems Sorrento - hidden gems Sorrento - hidden gems Sorrento - hidden gems

If you get a chance to have a look around some of the churches, many of these had very impressive interior far beyond what you would experience in typical Church in the UK. However, the majority have a no photography ban regardless of the time of day even for those not using a flash. However, it is possible to find an exception, and although photography wasn’t explicitly banned, I opted to take the photograph from the entrance and not enter the premise.

Sorrento - Church

While Sorrento like the many other towns in the area sits on top of the cliff, you can get down to the waterfront. There are a few options, the main road which you can walk down, or you can take the short cut. Here you can find some limited swimming options. Either way, if you don’t have a head for height following the main road is probably the best option.

During our visit it was extremely hot and being coastal meant we had to deal with views being hazy. Under normal circumstances, a photographer would breakout their UV filters to help accommodate. Those were among many of the items we just had to leave behind, it was after all a holiday. It is worth mentioning that the colours are as shot and reflect what we were seeing.

Views from Sorrento coast Views from Sorrento coast Views from Sorrento coast Views from Sorrento coast Sorrento coastal approach Sorrento coastal approach Sorrento coastal approach

Italians and their scooters

They love them, and in general, they are good, if not smelly (when in large numbers) form of transport. However, ignore at your own peril, especially when crossing the roads.

Italian's and their scooters Italian's and their scooters


This was always going to be high on the agenda, so we arranged our visit early in the week. It’s only fair to mention that if you arrange a trip with a guide that you check if the price of entry is included as this is often not the case. That aside, the most regrettable things about our visit was the heat (maybe a visit later in the year would have made the visit easier), being with a tour guide (group moves quickly from item to items and you see what they want you to see) plus there just isn’t enough time.

Here are some of the photographs we managed to capture, under the circumstances, it was about the best we were going to achieve.

Pompeii Pompeii Pompeii Pompeii Pompeii Pompeii

Really enjoyed our visit to Sorrento and surrounding attractions. However the next time, it will be off-peak, maybe middle to late September.

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